Quickie is a fun and fast way to see what people around you are talking about (literally!). How is that interesting you ask? Say you are at a cafe and there is a celebrity next door, some lucky people are at the right place at the right time hanging out with the celebrity and boasting all about it to their friends on Twitter. You on the other hand my friend, are oblivious. One click on Quickie search could have told you what's going on next door!

Say you are at an airport and have a loooooooooong transit, or are stuck because the snow gods were not mighty pleased with you. There are potentially many around you in similar situation telling the World about it on Twitter, you my friend are oblivious again! Another click on Quickie search could have found you a mate to get drunk with and get back at the snow gods!

We love making these stories up so feel free to ask "How is that interesting?". Oh! and we love Twitter too. Follow AppQuickie on Twitter

Available in Android Market


Quickie is a location aware application that enables you to search Twitter for tweets generated around you. There is nothing revolutionary about Quickie it's just a simple lightweight application that gives you the freedom to search as you want, near or far, new or old. Just authorize your Twitter account in the application and you are good to go to search around you and send @Mentions to people whose messages or whom you find interesting.

Quickie, notifies you when you receive a reply or a twitter mention, as well as when someone around you tweets!

Available in Android Market

More Information

Why do I keep getting "No results found"?
Maybe because you are in a cave? Or back in 1960s when people didn't tweet as much? Seriously, its probably because of your location or your search criteria's like distance and/or max time being too small.

Why do I keep getting "Quickie was not able to search, please check your Internet connection"?
Again, maybe because you are in a cave? Or back in 1960s when Internet was not available on mobile? Naaaa, its probably because of WiFi or Data not connected/not being available or being too slow on your mobile.

Why am I getting the same results when I have already moved to a new location?
This happens when Quickie is not able to get a fix on your location, try opening map or a gps application and let it locate you correctly, use Quickie after that.

Are you going to include maps?
Yep, we have plans to show results on a map as well as have maps in settings to make sure your location gets corrected.

What else is there on the Quickie roadmap?
Some cool features like alert your phone when someone nearby tweets but it's not good to tell, you will know more when we do it. The roadmap also includes cool feature request sent by you.

How do I stop receiving notifications?
You can turn of notifications from the settings, you have a choice of turning off just the notification to messages sent to you or tweets originating around you or both.

What is the Min Results setting for?
Min Results is to end your search prematurely (without it reaching the Max Distance selected) when the minimum number of results as set are found. This is to get your the results that are closest to you.

Are you collecting any information?
Nope, we don't collect anything. Your Twitter authorization, your settings, your search results, what message you send, to whom you send is between you and your phone. We think its best for us to mind our own business, which is to keep making Quickie better.

Where can I send feature requests or feedback?
You can do it from Quickie itself or here.